Russian Handmade Cotton Nano Tip Double Drawn Cuticle Correct

(Hair lifespan approx. 6 months + depending on care) Silky smooth & double drawn.

Nano Tip (Re-usable hair. Will require re-fit approx. every 3 months.).
18″ HALF HEAD- £320
18″ 3/4 HEAD- £435
18″ FULL HEAD- £550


(Lasts approx 6 weeks depending on care) Full Bodied, Super Glam Hair. Virtually undetectable ultra thin tapes. Hypoallergenic and comfortable with the benefit of speedy fitting.

18″ HALF HEAD- £150
18″ 3/4 HEAD- £195
18″ FULL HEAD- £240


Tools & Accessories

Extensions are easy to maintain, however, please be prepared to invest both financially and time wise to ensure you get the best from your extensions. Correct aftercare is paramount in ensuring the performance and lifespan of the hair

We have developed our own range of fantastic aftercare products that we recommend.  They are available to purchase in salon and online to make sure you can look after your extensions and keep them the best they can be!


Refit includes: Careful removal of Hair Extensions, re-making tips where necessary and re-fitting the hair using brand new silicone lined nano rings. Cutting and blending the Hair Extensions (only if requested) and Styling/Finishing.

Most clients are able to have their hair refitted multiple times and most commonly only require new hair in order to achieve a re-style if they wish to change their colour or require more length due to their natural hair having grown so well whilst wearing our extensions.

Removals: We only remove our own hair extensions, charged at a rate of £40.   The £40 is redeemable against refits or new sets of extensions if booked within 7 days of removal.


More information

• Balayage, ombre colours and alternative lengths are also available, please contact for prices.
• Full head prices are quoted on a standard 120grams of hair. Depending on the thickness of your natural hair, and your desired look, more or less may be required. This will be discussed at your free consultation prior to fitting. A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to secure your fitting appointment.
• Half head sets are best for thickening only, unless your hair is ultra fine. In this case, a half head may be substantial enough to also add a small amount of length.
• A 3/4 head is suitable for fine hair to provide some length, or to add volume to medium thickness hair.
• A full head is necessary to add length to medium – thick hair. More hair may be required for particularly thick hair.

Even more information ..

• There is no additional cost for more than one colour, so we can match to your natural shade as closely as possible. Our unique, ultra gentle cotton nano tips are bonded in store, giving us the ability to create perfect colour blends for each individual client. It is also possible to high/low light if you would like. Please note, that lighter hair shades have a shorter lifespan.

• We only use silicone lined nano rings.  The silicone adds extra cushioning in order to protect your hair and give firmer grip.  These are 90% smaller than standard micro rings and are therefore the most discreet and most popular with our clients.


Next Steps...

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